With a look to demoralize the hairdressers, his voice and his music like arrivals besides, his frequent recourse to the old instruments and his strange stories magnifiant nature and the legend, Angelo Branduardi created sensation in the middle of the Seventies.

Extraordinar musician, travelling musical synthesis between past and future, in love with the women and poetry,

Angelo Branduardi

centered himself, throughout his life, on all the forms of classical music (by his formation), medieval (he recreates instruments of old times), news (sounds come besides) and modern (" the threat ").

Italian, Celtic and Jewish like he likes to say, musician and violonist with the recognized talent, he drew his knowledge in all Europe through his eternal travels.

This strange character is one of the rare artists to have made a success of the musical mixture of all the times and European cultures...

To arrive to this nearly perfect bringing together, he also considered the language of people: French, English, German, Esperanto, Italian of course, is means of expression which he cultivates carefully. The music and the language are at the base of any communication and any comprehension between people.

Recognized in the whole world since preceded by the Italians critics, French and Germanic to quote only they, he represents at the present time the most perfect " mixture " of the cultures. He does not disavow any therefore his origins: taking part in the political life of the village in which he resides, anthropologist, the economy, the culture and the history of his country havn't secrecies for him.

Angelo also deals with maltreated children, takes part in human operations, which tends to prove that the man is conscious of all the human barriers against which he fights of all his forces.

This artist represents the marriage of the cultures, of the music and the expression of the responsibilities with a large " R ". He sings in the languages corresponding to the countries which he traverses and transmits an universal message of peace.

His displacements in France have been extremely rare for these ten last years although he loves and lived in our country (Coast of Azur/Alpes-Maritîmes). His album " live " Caminando-Caminando " recalls very well his course of European " troubadour " (although he does not like really this term a little too much classifying) and proves that one evolves/moves in comprehension human being by travel and linguistic opening.

Angelo Branduardi was born in Cuggiono, near Milan in 1950. At five years, he wants to learn the piano, but as it is too expensive for his family and too large for the apartment, he chooses the violin. He thus studies the violin in Genova and becomes member of the "Academy orchestra ".

A true thunderbolt: he plays eleven years already professionally, takes down the " grade " with fifteen, and becomes soon a wanted musician of Milano studios.

His studies lead him to the university where he plunges in philosophy (in fact, 3 months... because he thought of finding there answers to the fundamental questions raised by the life...;o), while continuing his musical courses.

Curious about all, he touchs with various instruments, discovers other musics (like the modern music in 1965), writes his first song at his18 years old (" Confession of a brigand ") and records in 1973 an album which will never come out.

Conscious of the difficulties which he will meet to transform his passion into professional situation, he decides to leave to Australia. RCA discovers him then and propels him on a national level with his first album " Angelo Branduardi "